Super splitting on marriage breakdown
By Stephen Bourke

New laws to allow for the splitting of superannuation on marriage breakdown will commence on 28 December 2002.


The Weekend Australian SAT 18 NOV 2000 By: Adrian McGregor
They call it the Club, the male-dominated legal fraternity that looks after its own.

Disorder in the courts
Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) 9 July 2000
The Family Court has consistently pursued its critics by instigating contempt charges. But lately these citizens have been beating their powerful foe. Sarah Harris reports.

Street protester beats judges at own game
The Australian Wed. March 8 2000
The Family Court brought contempt charges against a father hostile to its decisions but, writes Bernard Lane, could not sustain them.

ALRC Report draws suggestions the Chief Justice of the Family Court should stand down!

Media commentary resulting from the release of the ALRC report.23/2/00

Child payments: A-G's advice on jailing 'wrong'
by Aban Contractor    Canberra Times 12/1/2000
Attorney General Daryl Williams has been accused of deliberately misleading a Government Senator over plans to jail parents who fall behind in child-support payments.

Friday 31/12 Feminists revolting next year?
The Australian -  31 December 1999.
Melba   Edited by Graeme Leech
Revolt and retribution

Thursday 30/12 "Family Court makes disputes worse"

Letters to the Editor in The Australian

Wednesday 29/12 And even more on "Court Out"

An editorial appeared in the Australian on Monday 27/12 -
here is Australian Men's Rights Asscoation's letter published  29/12 in response to the Editorial and the "Court Out" articles.

Editorial - "Families need new ways of ending strife"

Australian Men's Rights Asscoation Published letter - "Family court unfair to men"

Tuesday 28/12 More on "Court Out" Letters to the Editor from
Chief Justice Nicholson and Dr. Vincent Patrick
Melba's Column  Right on, Sister
"Some feminists have chosen to excuse themselves from conventional modes of human decency....."

"COURT OUT" (2 articles discuss the Family Court of Australia)
One man's battle for his kids

by "Mr X"

The Australian, Weekend Focus, Friday 24/12/99

[Thank you to the Editors of the Australian for publishing these two articles, well done! Thousand of fathers are extremely thankful Mr X's story has been told. His experience closely mirrors their own.]

More than a million Australian children will spend Christmas in a broken home. As the Government tries to improve family justice, 'Mr X' tells of his personal voyage of despair.

Trial Separation
by Bernard Lane

A supporting commentary examining attitudes to the recent changes to reduce the Family Court's caseload by tranferring simpler cases to a Federal Magistracy

No jail for child support debtors (almost on line)

Email Communication to ALL Senators re: Family Law Amendement Bill 1999

28th October, 1999.

Outrageous Comments by Family Court Chief Justice - Family Law
The Chief Justice of the Family Court in Australia, Alastair Nicholson came to the attention of the Americans and Canadians for his outspoken anti-male comments.

Court to investigate custody 'bias'
Janet Fife-Yeomans The Australian - October 1 1998
The Australian Family Court's reaction to the emergence , during the recent Federal election , of the Abolish Family Court/Child Support Party.

Superannuation "Divorce a super rift"
Noel Whittacker - Brisbane Sunday Mail 15/3/98
You can tell it is an election year - Prime Minister John Howard was prominent in the media last weekend with his promise to legislate to allow women access to their husband’s superannuation upon divorce.

Mother Banned from Moving posted 6/10/97

The Sunday Mail 5/10/97 reported that a mother has been refused permission to relocate as per the following article:

There are always winners and losers in Family Court
Canberra Times 13/8/97 Author:Roderick Campbell
A thought provoking article discussing the attitude displayed by the Family Court towards joint custody. - Well worth reading and a response to the Canberra Times
The Family Law Act - 1975 and Divorce Stats.

Relationship between 'no fault' divorce and divorce statistics