Child  Support Agency Alleged Breaches

The Child Support Agency is seemingly, accountable to no-one.!

The legislation has been 'amended' over the years so that the CSA has such wide discretion, they have become almost untouchable.  Neither do they or the politicians seem to care about the effect their decision making is having on the people forced to be part of the Agency's horrendous system.

Parties with genuine grievances are ignored, the Ombudsman seems to be paralysed by indecisiveness and procrastination. Write to the  minister, the Honorable Larry Anthony and he just forwards the complaint back to the CSA.

The minister's office should be proud they have mastered the art of "Yes Minister" speak. Their answers would do Sir Humphrey proud. But , they are sadly lacking in openess and honest appraisal of the behaviour of the CSA staff.

Here for example is the response to the first two reports.  A lesson in the operation of CSA and the procedures for seeking a change of assessment, as if we didn't know them, chapter and verse. Not forgetting, a list changes that have been initiated by this government.

Still no-one acknowledges that more than 8000 men, who having experienced relationship breakdown, have then committed suicide during  the term of this Coalition government. Quite frankly we expected a better response when the Coalition gained control, but they too seem paralysed by the thought they may lose the so-called women's vote. Nobody has thought to enlighten the Coalition politicians that the most vocal pro-feminist supporters are far more likely to align with leftist policies.

Here are the reports in either word.doc  or .pdf format

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CSA Reports
Date Word.doc format Acrobat .pdf  format
March 2003 3cs3-03.doc 3cs3-03.pdf
July 2002 2cs7-02.doc 2cs7-02.pdf
June 2002 1cs6-02.doc 1cs6-02.pdf

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