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Changes to Child Support Legislation By Christmas?

Legislation making significant changes to the Child Support Agency formulas and procedures should be placed before Parliament prior to Christmas 1997, according to Federal MP for Longman, Mal Brough.

The recommendations formulated by the Government Backbench Sub-Committee are with Cabinet for consideration.

After considerable delay since the 1994 Parliamentary Report was tabled only 53 of their suggestions have been put into place. Roger Price, Chairman of the original inquiry expressed his disappointment when introducing a Private Members Bill recently by saying, "It never occurred to me that nearly three years would have elapsed and that only the easiest of recommendations - 53 in all - would be tackled by my government and the present government and that the remaining more difficult policy issues would be and continue to be unresponded to."

Paul Marek, the Federal Member for Capricornia has also been pushing for changes, along with many other MP's who are finding their electoral offices inundated with complaints about CSA.

In March this year, during an address to Parliament (Hansard 26/3/97) Paul Marek referred as follows to the tragic suicide of a Queensland man.."One heartbreaking story I wish to inform the House about relates to DNA testing. DNA testing is an area that must be addressed to stop malicious cl;aims being made against individuals who may or may not be the father of a particular child. Recently, a case which received national media attention involved the suicide of a father of a loving family when he was informed, out of the blue, by the Child Support Agency that he may be the father of a child from a relationship he had several years ago.

He received this notice from the CSA stating he owed some $60,000 in back payments. He completely denied the allegations, but he was told to pay up or else. He requested a DNA from the CSA but was informed if he wanted the test he had to pay for it. He did not have the money and he had no way of proving his case so, in the end, from the pressure and the upset this man endured, he took his own life, leaving a family and of course, a lovely wife."

To ensure the proposed reforms are enacted without any further delay, stay in touch with your local Federal Member. Let them know the problems and hardship you are experiencing. They are the only people who can bring about the changes.

Australian Men's Rights Asscoation will bring you the recommendations as soon as they are released.

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