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Brisbane Meetings to discuss serious concerns about the failure of Government to adopt meaningful changes to CSA Legislation

The Howard Government have reneged on implementing the recommendations contained in the JSC Report and suggested by the backbenchers committee.

Riding roughshod over the sub-committee's stated concerns (11 to 8 voted against accepting the minimalist Cabinet recommendations) Cabinet have forced the acceptance of the reforms by deceit. Promises given by the Prime Minister of further changes in the May 1998 budget coerced some of the backbench committee and the Party room into compliance with Cabinet's proposals. However, this promise lasted one day only. It now appears the changes will not be brought in until 1998 and 1999, thereby ruling out further changes in May 1998.

Brisbane Meetings

October 15th - 7pm Dickson Electoral Office of Tony Smith MP
Shop 3, 199, Gympie Road, Strathpine (Telephone for confirmation of venue 3805 5611 or 3881 220) Hopefully a good response will necessitate a bigger venue!

October 21st - 7.30pm Masonic Hall, George Street, Beenleigh
Please confirm your attendance by telephoning 3805 5611 or Geoff on 0419 645 741 or e-mail to Australian Men's Rights

October 28th - 7.30pm Sunnybank Rugby Club, Cnr Granadilla & McCulloch Streets, Sunnybank
Please confirm your attendance by telephoning 3805 5611 or e-mail to Australian Men's Rights

We are trying to arrange meetings for the Ispwich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas culminating in a Rally in Brisbane during the week commencing November 3rd, 1997.

Are there any volunteers to assist with planning/preparation?

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