Australia's Men's Rights Association
A Non-Profit Association Promoting Gender Equality for Men and Their Children
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Australian Men’s Rights Association Objectives

· To promote equal rights and a level playing field for all men. We acknowledge the right of all women to equality, but over-reaction is causing an imbalance leading to discrimination against men.

· To ensure all clients have prompt access to experienced solicitors specializing in family law, criminal or civil matters, counsellors & psychologists, accountants & financial advisers, and other consultants.

· To monitor the performance of all "professionals" by ensuring the highest standard of service is available to provide for the best possible outcome for our clients.

· To provide assistance with Child Support Agency matters.

· To provide assistance with emergency accommodation and employment opportunities by encouraging MRA people to interact with and help each other.

· To provide aid to victims of domestic violence and encourage initiatives to reduce the incidence of domestic violence.

· To promote and generate discussion of the aims and objectives of MRA.

· To encourage state and federal governments to provide the same level of assistance for men's issues, including health, (with particular emphasis on reducing male suicide which occurs as a result of family breakdown) as is now provided for women's issues.

· To provide input into all review processes of state and federal legislation, in particular those areas affecting family relationship breakdown.

· To protect children and their right to be raised in a secure loving environment.

· To achieve an equal balance between men and women through acceptance that both genders are different and have different needs, but are complementary to each other.