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Government Inquiry - Gold Coast Safe Cities Project 1997

By Reg & Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency - May 1997

The Gold Coast Safe Cities Project - a submission from MRA concerning the ill effects of divorce and separation on children and adults - May 1997 Posted 30/9/97

In May 1997, the Premier of Queensland, the Hon. R.A. Borbidge commissioned a study into ways to make our communities safer and this is MRA's contribution to the study.

Effects of Divorce and Separation on Children:

During the seventies and eighties, popular opinion and research of the day tried desperately to prove that children did not suffer any ill-effects from separation and divorce. Some later researchers, even though acknowledging separation does affect children, were keen to show the damage children suffer takes place during the conflict before separation and that divorce provides some relief.

These assumptions are rapidly being overturned as people realise divorce and separation does have an adverse effect on children, especially now the search is on for answers of how to deal with the ever increasing problems of youth suicide and crime. More..