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Gender Parity UK

Gender Parity UK is an alliance of groups and individuals who are working towards gender parity in the UK.

We are all concerned with issues which disadvantage boys and men. We have brought these together in our Manifesto.

Participants meet to hear about, learn from and offer advice and support for other participants. Individuals may not endorse the activities of any of the other participants.

Participating individuals and groups.

Philipp Tanzer, Gender Parity UK coordinator and Twitter account.
Mike Bell, Equi-law UK
Belinda Brown, author and campaigner
David Eggins, TEMPER Domestic Violence
Stephen Fitzgerald, Men and Women Working Together
Sally-Anne Burris, Split the Difference
Will Davis, Campaign for Shared Parenting
James Mackie, author ‘It Does Happen to Men’
William Collins, The Illustrated Empathy Gap and author of The Empathy Gap
Rex Bourne, Parity

Our projects

GPUK is involved in a number of projects which can be seen under the ‘Projects’ tab. These include:

Responding to the current Domestic Abuse Bill and its Guidance.
Dispelling myths which maintain the anti-male narrative.
Organising marches in UK cities.
Promoting a ‘Minister for Men’ to take responsibility for issues where men/boys are now at a disadvantage.

Moms Who Kill

Biological Mothers Murder More of Their Own Children Than Do Biological Fathers

Australian Institute of Criminology statistics show there were 270 child homicide incidents in Australia from July 1989 to June 1999, involving 287 identified offenders and resulting in the deaths of 316 children under 15.

For example, the revised National Homicide Monitoring Program 2006-07 Annual Report states 11 homicides involved a biological mother and 5 involves a biological father.

The Western Australian figures shed light on who is likely to abuse children in families. Mothers are identified as the perpetrator of neglect and abuse in a total of 73% of verified cases.

Biological mothers account for about 35 per cent of all child murders, while biological fathers account for 29 per cent


Domestic Violence - Male Victims

BBC - The One Show on Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Video BBC The One Show on Male Victims of Domestic Violence - Woman assaulting man - Domestic Violence

BBC programme 'The One Show', in which the subject of domestic violence against men is discussed.

September, 2009

UK - not politically correct to fund shelters for men and their children who are victims of domestic violence.


Domestic Violence - Male Victims

Family Courts’ Violence Review
October 2009

The Attorney-General commissioned a review of the practices, procedures and laws that apply in the federal family law courts in the context of family violence. The Family Courts Violence Review considered whether improvements could be made to ensure that the federal family law courts provide the best possible support to families who have experienced or are at risk of violence.


Men's Rights Agency Reply to the Family Courts Violence Review

Extreme Feminists - Hate Heterosexuals

Feminist Scholars Say All Heterosexual Sex is Rape

Certain feminist "scholars", such as law professor Catharine McKinnon, equate all sexual intercourse with rape.

Of the 12 recognized categories of feminists, the "Female Supremacists" are by far the most damaging to society.

They inundate our universities with hatred of males and preach that males are inferior people.  And you wonder why males don't go to university? If you were black, would you go to a university which teaches "White Supremacy"?