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We are for gender equality of opportunity and even certain equality of outcomes but these are contrary to the objectives of the EXTREME FEMINISTS that want a gynocentric society and special privilege for females.

Family Violence - Domestic Violence Newspaper Articles - Australia

Domestic Violence - Men and children are victims too!

One third of domestic violence victims ( ALL MEN ) denied services

Voice for Men News, September 15, 2014

Following last week’s launch of Our Watch – a new national initiative aimed to prevent violence against women and their children – the One in Three Campaign has released a new analysis of the latest Australian data on male victims of family violence.

Senior Researcher Greg Andresen said, “We are very glad to see violence against women being taken so seriously by the Australian Government. However we are extremely concerned that one third of victims of sexual assault and family violence are excluded by One Watch and its sister organisation ANROWS simply on the basis of their gender.”

The analysis of the ABS Personal Safety Survey and the AIC Homicide in Australia, 2008–10, published today by One in Three, challenges the claim that the vast majority of family violence is committed by men against women and children. Using the same data sources as Fact Sheets recently released by ANROWS, the new data analysis paints a very different picture of gender and family violence in Australia.

“The statistics presented by ANROWS have been designed to over-inflate female victimisation by using lifetime experience of violence instead of current rates, while downplaying male victimisation by taking only the female perspective,” said Mr Andresen.

“75 males were killed in domestic homicide incidents between 2008-10. That’s one death every 10 days,” said Mr Andresen. “1.2 million Australian men have experienced emotional abuse by a partner, almost half a million have experienced violence by a partner and almost a third of a million have experienced violence by a girlfriend/boyfriend or date. Where are the services for these men and boys?”

The vast majority of domestic violence services in Australia are closed to males. There are no shelters for men and their children, no safe rooms or legal support at courthouses, no community education and prevention programmes, no support groups, no perpetrator programs for women or health service screening tools for men.

One in Three is calling upon the Australian Government to comply with its international human rights obligations and provide programs and services for male, as well as female victims of family violence. Read More...

Domestic violence by women is rising as the balance of power in the home shifts their way, says Melanie Phillips

Man beaters behind closed doors

NEWS REVIEW, November 19 2000

Gloves off in battle of sexes

Brisbane Courier Mail, Mon 13/11/00, by Christine Middap

WOMEN are becoming more violent towards their partners - and have overtaken men as aggressors in relationships.

References Examining Assaults by Women on Their Spouses or Male partners

An Annotated Bibliography by Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, California State University.

For all mankind

Brisbane Courier Mail, 1 July 2000, by Matthew Fynes-Clinton

In the battle of the sexes, both men and women claim they are the victims.

AVOs: Apprehended violence industry or disease?

Law Society Journal (NSW, Australia), By Trevor Nyman, December 1999, page 52. Cite as (1999) 37 (11) LSJ 52

Gender Differences in Patterns of Relationship Violence in Alberta

Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 1999, 31:3, 150-160

Marilyn I Kwong and Kim Batholomew, Simon Fraser University, Donald G. Dutton, University of British Columbia

Riding the Donkey Backwards: Men as the Unacceptable Victims of Marital Violence

The Journal of Men's Studies, Volume 3, Number 2, November 1994, p. 137-159, MALCOLM J. GEORGE, Department of Physiology, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, United Kingdom

Violence made to order for Lawyers

The Australian, Wednesday 29 December 1999 by Bernard Lane - High Court correspondence

Striking a balance on violence orders

The Australian - Editorial, Wednesday 29 December, 1999

Australian Crime Prevention Council Conference

Presentations from John Coochey and Graham Stockdale to the Australian Crime Prevention Council Conference, Melbourne Australia 17-20 October 1999:

The Hidden Domestic Violence: Myths and Realities by Graham Stockdale

Myths and Realities or All the Facts that Fit we Print by John Coochey

Domestic Violence in Australia: ARE WOMEN AND MEN EQUALLY VIOLENT?

A Research Study by Bruce Headey, Dorothy Scott, David de Vaus University of Melbourne University of Melbourne La Trobe University

Conventional wisdom holds (i) that physical domestic violence is mainly perpetrated by men against women; (ii) that violent men, being physically stronger, inflict more pain and serious injuries than violent women; and (iii) that physical violence runs in families. To examine all three beliefs, we bring to bear nationwide sample survey data.

The Domestic Violence Industry in Massachusetts

John Maguire has written three important articles on the DV industry in
Massachusetts News. The content closely parallels the situation in Australia. August 1999

MRA Comments on the "Violent Women" article

MRA Commentary on newspaper article of the Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 28 March 1999, Posted 5/4/99

Violent Women

Sunday Mail, Brisbane, Australia, By Lynnette Haas, 28 March 1999

Domestic violence is usually seen as inflicted on women by men. But a fictional book and some research say the abused victim is quite often the man.  Lynnette Haas reports. Posted 5/4/99

VIOLENT FEMMES: Women aren't the only victims of domestic violence

MEN'S HEALTH (Australia), March 1999, Vol 2 No 5, pp114-119, By Peter Olszewski

Men suffer equally on violence in the home

UK Sunday Times 22/1/99 (Posted 23/1/99)

"What is the Truth About Family Violence?"

A report from: Family Resources & Research (US), by Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell Posted 31/12/98

Erin Pizzey, the founder of the Womens' Shelter Movement in the UK, dared to say publicly that women can be as violent as men.


Dodgy figures and suspect ideological interpretations give the impression that violence by men against women is rampant says JOHN COOCHEY. The reality is very different.

British 1994 CTS Domestic Violence Survey shows more married men are victims than.

Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships: A Descriptive Analysis, by Michelle Carrado, M.J. George, Elizabeth Loxam, L. Jones and Dale Templar

American TV Transcript - ABC 20/20 programme - 21st Sept. '97

Barbara Walters discovers Men are battered by wives

The Feminist View of Domestic Violence Vs Scientific Studies

by Sam & Bunny Sewell (Posted 18/11/97)

The Men's Right's Agency (MRA) Replies
The Men's Rights Agency (MRA) 2nd Reply - October 2009 - to The Family Courts Violence Review Report

Scottish police record record number of male victims of domestic abuse: AMIS (Abused Men In Scotland) is launched to provide support for male victims

AMIS (Abused Men In Scotland) Media Release - October, 15, 2010

A new Scottish charity, AMIS, is formally launched today (Friday 15 October 2010) to raise awareness of the number of men in Scotland on the receiving end of domestic abuse and draw attention to the lack of services designed to help them.

AMIS today publishes statistics from the 8 Scottish police forces that show an increase of around 9.4% in the number of incidents that they recorded as domestic abuse or violence with a man as the victim in 2009-10 compared to 2008-9. The statistics also reveal a reduction of 6.1% in the number of incidents recorded with a woman as victim compared to 2008-9.

Within the acknowledged limitations of police statistics* one in six of recorded victims was male yet the reality remains that after 10 years of the Scottish Parliament there are virtually no support services in Scotland designed to help men and their children affected by domestic abuse or violence.

Co-founder of AMIS, Alison Waugh, says, “Unfortunately there is still a culture of denial among many politicians and providers of services who do not want to acknowledge the evidence in front of their eyes that thousands of men every year in Scotland are victims of domestic abuse. They are abused first by their partner or ex partner and then again by the public narrative that does not want to know about the damage they and their children experience.” More..

Moms Who Kill

Biological Mothers Murder More of Their Own Children Than Do Biological Fathers

Australian Institute of Criminology statistics show there were 270 child homicide incidents in Australia from July 1989 to June 1999, involving 287 identified offenders and resulting in the deaths of 316 children under 15.

For example, the revised National Homicide Monitoring Program 2006-07 Annual Report states 11 homicides involved a biological mother and 5 involves a biological father.

The Western Australian figures shed light on who is likely to abuse children in families. Mothers are identified as the perpetrator of neglect and abuse in a total of 73% of verified cases.

Biological mothers account for about 35 per cent of all child murders, while biological fathers account for 29 per cent


Domestic Violence - Male Victims

BBC - The One Show on Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Video BBC The One Show on Male Victims of Domestic Violence - Woman assaulting man - Domestic Violence

BBC programme 'The One Show', in which the subject of domestic violence against men is discussed.

September, 2009

UK - not politically correct to fund shelters for men and their children who are victims of domestic violence.


Extreme Feminists - Hate Heterosexuals

Feminist Scholars Say All Heterosexual Sex is Rape

Certain feminist "scholars", such as law professor Catharine McKinnon, equate all sexual intercourse with rape.

Of the 12 recognized categories of feminists, the "Female Supremacists" are by far the most damaging to society.

They inundate our universities with hatred of males and preach that males are inferior people.  And you wonder why males don't go to university? If you were black, would you go to a university which teaches "White Supremacy"?


Domestic Violence - Male Victims

Family Courts’ Violence Review
October 2009

The Attorney-General commissioned a review of the practices, procedures and laws that apply in the federal family law courts in the context of family violence. The Family Courts Violence Review considered whether improvements could be made to ensure that the federal family law courts provide the best possible support to families who have experienced or are at risk of violence.


Men's Rights Agency Reply to the Family Courts Violence Review