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The more the donations, the more great content. We want to write about everything happening in Australia regarding boy's and men's rights. We are for gender equality of opportunity and even certain equality of outcomes but these are contrary to the objectives of the EXTREME FEMINISTS that want a gynocentric society and special privilege for females.

Dr Phil Show with Dr Warren Farrell who Dr Phil and others say is the Martin Luther King of the Men's Rights Movement

This show aired in Canada, the USA and Australia on Network 10 on September 6, 2021

This show also has a publicity driven nut case male who is trying to attract a following of every guy who has problems dating women.

This show also feature the case of Jerry Cox who was a victim of false allegations of sexual assault and kidnapping by a womnan that tried to get his 437 acre california ranch in a civil lawsuit. Jerry Cox was repesented by Marc Angelucci, a lawyer and Vice president of the National Organization For Men ( ) in America. Marc Angelucci, in Federal Court in America, won the gender equality case to compel females to register for the American military draft ( conscription ). He was assassinated for winning that case.

Cassie Jay, the producer and director of "The Red Pill" movie documentary appears on this show as well.

Listen to the violent male bashing Tomi Lahren of Fox TV in America who says no men are good enough for her and her friends. What man would date such a demanding volatile man hating women? Tomi, go and date women, and stop harassing men.

Listen to what Tomi Lahren says and do the 101, 1st thing, they teach in university/college "gender studies" ( women's studies, excluding male studies)", which is to reverse the genders on a scenario and examine it. If a man went on national TV and said what she did, HE WOULD GET CANCELLED.

Add Mandatory DNA Paternity testing to the Mandatory Newborn Screening Tests.

Daddy dearest: Many men are finding out they are not the father after all

The Sun-Herald
18 November 2007

Men's groups are calling for mandatory paternity testing of all newborns as it emerges a record number of men are finding they are not the fathers of children they believed to be theirs.

Almost a quarter of paternity tests conducted by one of Australia's largest DNA laboratory companies show the man submitting a sample is not the father, compared to an estimated one in 10 "exclusions" 10 years ago.

The number of tests taken in Australia has doubled from 3000 in 2003 to more than 6000 last year.


Extreme Feminists - Hate Heterosexuals

Feminist Scholars Say All Heterosexual Sex is Rape

Certain feminist "scholars", such as law professor Catharine McKinnon, equate all sexual intercourse with rape.

Of the 12 recognized categories of feminists, the "Female Supremacists" are by far the most damaging to society.

They inundate our universities with hatred of males and preach that males are inferior people.  And you wonder why males don't go to university? If you were black, would you go to a university which teaches "White Supremacy"?