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DNA Paternity Testing in Australia…

Fast, accurate, discreet DNA paternity testing is readily available across Australia.

Look for a DNA paternity testing laboratory which is accredited by NATA.

Prices for DNA paternity testing in Australia are way too high in comparison to testing costs in Canada and the USA.

There are two types of paternity tests

Peace of Mind Test (self sampling)
The cost of the DNA paternity test is typically $475 for testing one man ( putative father) and one child. The fee for testing an additional child at the same time is $150.

Known as a “Peace of Mind Test”, sample mouth swabs are collected by the man from himself and the child, labeled, packaged and sent to Men’s Rights Agency, together with the correct payment. The results will be known in a few days.

“Peace of mind tests” do not satisfy legal requirements due to the method of self sampling i.e. without independent verification of the identity of the persons tested, but the test is accurate and satisfies your “need to know”.

DNA Paternity Test that Meets Family Law Legal Requirements
The DNA paternity test fee is typically $600 for testing for one man and one child. Samples are collected at a pathology laboratory to ensure verification of the samples and the identity of the people involved. Each additional child tested is $150.

Family law legislation requires that the DNA mouth swab samples are taken by an authorized pathology collection service and processed by a DNA laboratory which has NATA approval. In Australia, the mother’s approval is required for this test. This is not the case in the U.S.A., Canada , or many other countries. Why a man has to get DNA testing done at all is the real question. Women who give birth lnow they are the biological mother of the child. Read our webpage on why Australia should have mandatory paternity testing as bothe a child's right and a men's rights issue.

Some additional postage charges will be involved for overseas clients.

Approximately 25% of men tested find that they are not the father of the child.

A man has a right to know if he is the biological father of a child. The child has the right to know, and to be loved and cared for by, the child's biological father.