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We are for gender equality of opportunity and even certain equality of outcomes but these are contrary to the objectives of the EXTREME FEMINISTS that want a gynocentric society and special privilege for females.

Mother to repay wrong man's child support

The Daily Telegraph, by Shelley Hadfield, October 08, 2011

A MOTHER has been ordered to repay child support to a man she claimed was her son's father after he discovered he cannot conceive.

For nine years the man believed the child was his after what he says was a "one-night stand". He told a court he believed the mother manipulated the situation.

The woman was ordered to repay the $3730 he paid.

The couple, who cannot be named, met on the internet in 2000 and had a rendezvous in 2001. They lived in different states. The woman claimed she believed he was the only man who could have been the father. He signed a statutory declaration stating he was the father so she could receive the family tax benefit. But the man discovered last year while trying to conceive a child with his new partner that he is "physiologically incapable of conceiving a child". Tests then excluded him as the father.

The woman told the Federal Magistrates Court she now recalls having had a one-night sexual encounter with another man. She told the court she suffered depression and stress from an earlier abusive relationship and her memory and thinking were unclear. She did not know the real father's identity.

In a judgment published this week, Federal Magistrate Stewart Brown said the mother had been negligent rather than deceitful.

"I think it unlikely that (she) would have forgotten her earlier liaison with the person she now concedes must be the (boy's) father," Mr Brown said. He said the woman had at best been lax and at worst disingenuous.

He ordered her to repay the man $15 a fortnight.

Add Mandatory DNA Paternity testing to the Mandatory Newborn Screening Tests.

Daddy dearest: Many men are finding out they are not the father after all

The Sun-Herald
18 November 2007

Men's groups are calling for mandatory paternity testing of all newborns as it emerges a record number of men are finding they are not the fathers of children they believed to be theirs.

Almost a quarter of paternity tests conducted by one of Australia's largest DNA laboratory companies show the man submitting a sample is not the father, compared to an estimated one in 10 "exclusions" 10 years ago.

The number of tests taken in Australia has doubled from 3000 in 2003 to more than 6000 last year.


Extreme Feminists - Hate Heterosexuals

Feminist Scholars Say All Heterosexual Sex is Rape

Certain feminist "scholars", such as law professor Catharine McKinnon, equate all sexual intercourse with rape.

Of the 12 recognized categories of feminists, the "Female Supremacists" are by far the most damaging to society.

They inundate our universities with hatred of males and preach that males are inferior people.  And you wonder why males don't go to university? If you were black, would you go to a university which teaches "White Supremacy"?